Get an IVR System for Your Pharmacy

The old fashioned way of answering phones at a pharmacy is really just reserved for smaller operations. The problem with it is that employees have to stop what they are doing and answer the phone. Usually, the phone will ring with all sorts of requests.

Instead of dealing with the hassle, you should consider getting a pharmacy ivr system, as it will help cut down on the actual calls you have to deal with. While some people will still want to speak to a pharmacist, they will have that option.

The system makes it much easier to deal with refills and other requests. The more personal interaction you can have for personal issues, the better so you will want to make sure that there are options to speak with associates or the pharmacist.

Many of the reasons that people call in to the pharmacy is for information or for refills. Much of this can be handled by a good IVR system. Ideally, you want the kind that can respond to voice commands rather than running down through an extensive menu of push the button options.

The only drawback is that these systems can have too many options for patients when they call in. That is why you have to be sure that there is a way that patients can “escape” the system and get a live person.

pharmacy ivr system

The system is really ideal when you have a larger or very busy pharmacy. With smaller operations, you can still do things the old fashioned way. No matter what, you don’t want to lose the personal touch of direct communication but there is no point in answering every single call.

Get on the modern track and have a good interactive voice response system for your pharmacy. That way, you can continue with normal business and still answer requests at the same time.

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